Gary Towler
XL (144x144)
Poziom trudności
Warunki wygranej
jedna strona pokonuje drugą (drużyny)
Warunki przegranej
utrata wszystkich bohaterów i zamków
Graczy ludzcy
Gracze komputerowi
Wyświetlono szczegóły
2079 razy
2046 razy
Średnia ocena

This map is meant explicitly to be played by two players in an alliance. I
suppose it would be possible to play with one player, but I'd imagine it would
be somewhat of a trial to have to deal with the brain-dead computer player
as an ally. If you do play alone, you will probably have to crush your ally
in battle eventually to make use of its castles and resources in an effective
way, but at least you can do it at your leisure without fear of your ally
retaliating and trying to take your towns.
This map is meant as much for exploring as it is for fighting, as many of my
large maps are. I don't have any interest in High Scores, myself - I prefer
to linger over a map and savor its every nook and cranny, even if it does
mean I pull a worse score for it.
The Hideous Mask events on the islands are kind of a parody of the sort of
events I see in a lot of maps. I always find it somewhat obnoxious when you
run into an event that tells you that you've done something incredibly stupid
(you have no say in the matter, of course) and, as a consequence, you are
stuck with a cursed artifact or a loss of resources. The Island events are
a running gag that, I hope, you'll find as amusing as I did.
I find that I'm much more capable of coming up with Triva Questions than I
am with Riddles.
One other thing- you can get your Diplomat character back (and her experience +
talents, plus her somewhat dubious artifact) for relatively cheap if you attack
your jailer and surrender. I have discovered that the Surrender option really
can be quite handy in the game, believe it or not, and the next map I'm planning
hinges on a crucial surrender...
Your Diplomat will give you a good look at what the computer player does with
its time when it's alone. I found it quite educational.
Have fun!
G. Towler


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