Angels are Back


Ururam Tururam
Bardzo duża (151x151)
Poziom trudności
Wielki Kontynent
Warunki wygranej
Controlling all towns and sealing all the gates of hell.
Warunki przegranej
Loose all towns and armies.
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"Description: The player leads armies of Good to restore former law,
order, and glamour in the lands populated now by forces of Evil. To win
you should conquer all the towns, and control all the hell gates.
Warning! This map has a lot of scripts susceptible to the difficulty
level setting. The general nastiness of this scenario grows rapidly
with this setting. Playing as a 'Novice' should not be hard, but every
step up means much less positive events and much more powerups for your
enemies. Just to warn you, I've set the map difficulty switch to
'Impossible'. But it is possible to win this scenario, at least at lower
player skill settings. I don't know however if this map is winnable
on champion. Think twice before you choose the difficulty level!
To sum up:
Novice: A walk in a park. You should be able to trample down your foes.
Intermediate: Well balanced. Not too easy not too hard.
Hard: Recommended setting. Fairly difficult.
Expert: A real challenge! Expect heavy resistance.
Champion: Unbelievably thorny. Actually not recommended.
Starting Hero:
Name: Richeliette
Class: Cardinal
Level: 3
Skills: basic: Life Magic, Healing, Nobility, Diplomacy
Special Skill: Summoning Angels. From time to time she summons an angel
to her army. The power of this skill depends on several factors:
- player difficulty level (the lower the better);
- hero level (the higher the better)
- secondary skills (some are helpful some are harmful, which are which?
try to guess!);
- carried artifacts (equipped or in backpack, they can improve or ruin
this skill, guess which ones are good and which ones are bad).
Notices: Signs and names that are reserved by various companies are
reserved. You may distribute this map freely as long as it is a non
profit distribution and the file AnBack.txt (this file) is included.
The simplest way is to share the archive
Please send your questions and comments to - thanks.
Caution! This map is very large and uses a lot of graphics effects.
The gameplay may be slow on older machines (broken animations, looong
computer player turns.)
And - last but not least - English is not my native language. This is a
translation. Sorry for all errors and mistakes, and sorry for all the
funny wordplays I was unable to translate...
The graphics is based on a picture by Douglas Shuler.
The picture has been imported and some scripts were created using the
h4util program by Slava Salnikov.
The landscape has been decorated using (among others) object brushes
by Wildbear and Rife.
Some ideas have been borrowed from Heroes IV maps by Wimfrits."


2016-03-25 19:03:43
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