Brothers Troy


Timothy Duncan
M (72x72)
Poziom trudności
Wielki Kontynent
Warunki wygranej
pokonanie wszystkich wrogów
Warunki przegranej
utrata wszystkich bohaterów i zamków
Graczy ludzcy
Gracze komputerowi
Wyświetlono szczegóły
421 razy
398 razy
Średnia ocena

Special Notes: All heroes are set to random. This means you can choose your own hero classes. HOWEVER, you will need to set the YELLOW and RED positions to something specific, or else risk an unbalanced scenario (YELLOW and RED are the computer only positions and they get a resource bonus so if one turned out to be a knight and one turned out to be a wizard... well). Do knight/barbarian or wizard/warlock combinations (i'm not sure which one will be easier or harder). Necromancer can probably be inserted for knight or barbarian. Do NOT choose sorceress for either YELLOW or RED, as, in order to ensure that they did not acquire dimension door, I had to take a resource away, and mercury got the honours. Therefore, the sorceress will be crippled and once again an imbalance can occur. If you want to use the sorceress as one of the computer only positions, email me and I will send you a special version. You and your opponents should agree on this before playing the map. To fit in better with the story, they yellow player should be the evil class of the pair and the red should be the good class, but this really doesn't matter. Lastly, this map
could be disastrously imbalanced if someone acquires dimension door; therefore I suggest an agreement before play that dimension door shall not be used to access an area unreachable by normal means (i.e. walking or sailing). Thanks and enjoy!
VERSION 1.2 NOTE - Because of an illness and the rush to get this map completed in time for the January League, this map is a bit skimpy on events after the first
week or so and placed events. This should not affect the way the map plays, but the story is just not as detailed as my maps usually are. In the next week or
thereabouts, I will submit v1.3 which will include many more events. This map will (assuming AW approves) be put in place of v1.2. Because there will be no other
modifications to the map for v1.3, it will play identically, so there should be no problems with players feeling that if they played one version instead of the other, the
results may have been different. Thanks!


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