Pirates L.T.D.


Ururam Tururam
Bardzo duża (151x151)
Poziom trudności
Warunki wygranej
Earn 200 points.
Warunki przegranej
Lost all armies.
Graczy ludzcy
Gracze komputerowi
Wyświetlono szczegóły
1055 razy
1191 razy
Średnia ocena

"Description: Three clans of pirates fight for glory. They are: the
Langstrumpfs, the Taka-Tuka traitors, and the Deserters (from
an imperial fleet). For various pirate-like events (fight, robbery,
arson, etc) the three clans earn glory points. The one that has 200
glory points wins immediately. I recommend this map for a 3-players
fight. You can also play a duel (leaving the third clan to the AI),
or even you may play this map in a single mode. Due to low computer
intelligence the clans under the AI control get some extra glory at
the beginning of the game and each week, and human players when they
reach four thresholds (10, 50, 100, 150 points) have several points
subtracted from their score. *Caution! To enjoy this scenario you must
allow neutral armies move! Making them unmovable kills the gameplay!
Notice: Signs and names that are reserved by various companies are
reserved. You may distribute this map freely as long as it is a non
profit distribution and the file PirLtdEn.txt (this file) is included.
The simplest way is to share the archive PirLtdEn.zip.
Please send your questions and comments to urtur@wp.pl - thanks.
This map uses a few of undocumented features of Heroes IV. I am not sure
if it will work when run using any of upcoming HoMM4 expansions. For fun
and safety play it using the basic version of the game (patched
if possible). And - last but not least - English is not my native
language. This is a translation. Sorry for all errors and mistakes, and
sorry for all the funny wordplays I was unable to translate...
If you start the map the first time it may crash!
If it does - just select 'new game/new map' again at it will work."


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